Some shots from a game played last week. A close game with multiple flank marches, a brilliant general and strategems. A 450AP game that saw the Alexandrian Imperials defeat the Classical Indians; even with Chandragupta at the helm! This is anothet test shot. Still working out the cets way to load and publish. I think thumbnails are the best option.

Mountain Indian allies arrive.. to not much effect!

Mountain Indian allies arrive.. to not much effect!


The Companionsthe companions poor Porus!

Alexandrian deployment Alexandrian deployment

Defence of Fort William Henry test upload form the SYW weekend

test upload

A&A miniatures

these are painted celts from the A& A miniatures site

Ancients links

 http://www.dbmm.org.uk/– this is the ‘home’ of the DBMM rules series and carries offical errata and mods form the rules author.

I’m taking part this weekend in a huge multiplayer seven years war day involving 12 or so players across 8 tables and including a dinner of traditional 18th century food and apporpriate mess(?!) dress!

I hope to post a report and photos of the big event soon